OSRS Money Making Using Your Mining Skills

Mining is a skill that has been present in the game since its inception. It’s not as fast-paced and exciting compared to combat, but it allows players who enjoy more peaceful pastimes to make OSRS GP while improving their character’s skills.

Mining OSRS Gemstones

Mining gemstones is an easy way to make some extra cash with P2P mining as it has pretty low-level requirements. With amazing profits, this is something worth doing if you have an Old School RuneScape membership.

You’ll need a bank deposit box for this business venture but there are no other special equipment or skill levels needed- just teleport right down into Karamja’s depths and start digging up those valuable rocks that can fetch you gobs of money in the Grand Exchange.

Mining Basalt

Players who have completed making friends can now access the salt mine below Weiss. Here you’ll be able to mine basalt which is used for crafting Icey and Stoney teleportation runes, earning 7,000 mining experience an hour while doing so!

Mining Iron Ore

The vast majority of iron that’s mined in the game is dropped due to this method. If you need some starter cash, bank your ores and earn more overtime at locations like the Monastary Mine, Wilderness Skeleton Mine, Rimmington, Varrock East, and the Mining Guild.

The Mining Guild would be the most efficient spot in P2P considering it is right next to a safety deposit box. If you bring along Varrock Armour, which can store ores for later use and double your chances of getting more iron ores.

Mining Amethyst

Mining amethyst is a great, AFK way to make money with mining. The slow speed and low experience rates mean you can get away from it for hours on end without spending much time in front of the computer. All you need is to have the proper gear and you should be able to make OSRS GP doing this task.

Mining Runite Ore

There are many spots in Runescape that has Runite Ore, although these spots will have a sparse supply. With one or two rocks at a time you can make some money and the mining experience isn’t bad either!
The new Song of Elves update makes Trahaearn mine into an excellent place to go for someone who wants tons of Runite ore.

The best place to farm for rune rocks in F2P is through the deadly red spiders in the Rune Rocks. This isn’t a bank or anywhere with competition, so it can be very profitable if you avoid player killers and have an efficient method of getting there quickly.

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