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Lovecoin Token Review - The Next Bitcoin? (The Truth about Lovecoin)

Sep 28

More forms of cryptocurrency are being introduced daily into the market. Much of this is due to demand as interest increases and countries begin using it as their official form of payment. One of the latest to come out is Lovecoin.

This is a form of philanthropic cryptocurrency. Based on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the goal of Lovecoin is to continue to increase economic freedom and establish a global standard. Unlike the original form of crypto, Lovecoin has some differences once you activate a wallet application.

First, you receive 10,000 free tokens that go into the digital wallet. This encourages the customer to spread the news about Lovecoin to others through a referral system. When those individuals sign up for this cryptocurrency, they receive a bonus of 20,000 Lovecoins per person.

The organization also utilizes a new method of coin mining called Proof of User Activity. Instead of utilizing special applications, anyone has the power to mine for Lovecoins by downloading the company's software. Then, they watch videos or do internet searches to earn further currency.

To enhance their philanthropy, Lovecoin donates a portion of new currency to various causes and charities. These are voted upon by users via the company's app. Once selected, 10% of the cryptocurrency is transferred.

Lovecoin believes its new form of crypto will shift the way the industry operates. With the rapid growth in their customer network, they predict the inclusion of several million subscribers in the next few years. Not only does this mean an increase of Lovecoins on the market but also an upward turn in their price.

With a bent toward helping others, Lovecoin has a good chance of succeeding as cryptocurrency becomes a regular part of the economy.