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Is Google Drive HIPAA Compliant? - WheelHouse IT 2890 Marina Mile Blvd, 108 W State Rd 84 Suite, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, United States

Oct 15

The HIPAA act is very important for the medical industry as it sets legal standards for the protection of public health information which, if violated, would lead to severe consequences. All the people who are associated with the healthcare industry are expected to follow the HIPAA regulations, which means the healthcare workers need to be very careful in handling the patient's details and this means they need to exercise extreme caution while sharing and storing the patient's details. To secure PHI, the healthcare provider needs to have a safeguard in every aspect which includes administrative, physical and even technical. For technical support, the healthcare providers have the option to choose the best managed IT services like Wheelhouse  IT who oversee that the medical records are stored in a protected environment that is safe from cybersecurity threats.

Is Google Drive HIPAA Compliant? Check out Google Drive and Business Associate Agreement

Google Drive is the most preferred form of storage nowadays, but before that facilities and healthcare professionals must think is Google Drive is HIPAA compliant? Before any healthcare provider chooses Google Drive as their online storage space, especially for storing PHI, they need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) which states that both the parties are agreeing to be HIPAA compliant and each party is responsible for upholding their compliance guidelines. Healthcare Providers must, however, for their benefit always take care that the Google Drive and the other G-Suite applications they are using are a part of the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that they have signed. If the provider uses any third-party application for storage that is not a part of the BAA signed with Google, then Google will not be responsible for any violation of HIPAA. Therefore, many healthcare providers find it prudent to let their online storage through Google Drive be managed by experts from the best managed IT service providers like WheelHouse IT so that any part of the BAA contract signed for using Google Drive is not breached.

Is your Google Drive Compliant

Do you need the help of the best managed IT service providers like WheelHouse IT to find out is Google Drive HIPAA compliant? The user of Google Drive should be aware that there is proper security installed on their devices before they use it for data protection and sharing. Any data compliance group can help you if you are in doubt regarding is Google Drive HIPAA compliant? They can keep a check on your signed BAA and can warn you before doing anything non-compliant.