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Be Hosted Review 2023

Jun 12

 Beware of BeHosted: An Unethical Web Hosting Nightmare

BeHosted, a web hosting company based in Zurich, Switzerland, claims to offer reliable hosting services. However, my experience with them has been nothing short of a nightmare. This review aims to shed light on the unethical practices I encountered and warn others to stay away from this provider. From their poor customer service to server outages and lack of communication, BeHosted has proven to be an untrustworthy company that should be avoided at all costs.

A Disheartening Experience:

I had been a customer of BeHosted since 2021 and initially had a decent experience with their hosting services. I had multiple accounts hosted with them, including one on a re-seller platform and another on a separate server. However, everything changed in June 2023 when my main site suddenly went down.

Lack of Transparency and Communication:

Expecting a quick resolution, I contacted their support team, only to be informed that the server was down and would be replaced within approximately six hours. However, even after waiting for 12 hours, I still had no service. To make matters worse, the company stopped responding to my service requests, leaving me in a state of uncertainty and frustration.

Loss of Trust:

Realizing that I was in trouble, I began searching for alternative hosting providers. Although my re-seller plan was still functional, I could no longer trust Be Hosted to meet my needs. As anticipated, a couple of days later, all my hosted sites, including the reseller plan, went down without any warning. The company simply posted a vague notice about undergoing maintenance and failed to respond to any further inquiries.

Theft of Funds and Lack of Ethical Conduct:

What made my experience with BeHosted even more distressing was the fact that I had already paid upfront for all the hosting services. Instead of providing the promised services or even informing their customers about the impending shutdown, they essentially stole our money. A morally responsible business would have at least given us a warning to seek alternative hosting before shutting down.

Questionable Existence:

While I cannot definitively say if BeHosted is permanently shut down or if they simply turned off their servers, it is evident from reviews on their Facebook page that others have faced similar issues. These shared experiences validate the concerns and frustrations I have expressed in this review.


In conclusion, I strongly advise against choosing BeHosted as your web hosting provider. There are plenty of other hosting companies available that offer lower costs, ethical practices, and reliable service. The lack of transparency, communication, and the unethical conduct displayed by Be Hosted are clear indicators of an unreliable and untrustworthy company. Spare yourself the stress and potential loss by seeking out hosting providers that prioritize customer satisfaction and operate their businesses with integrity.

I went with Interserver which you can see in the video. I talked to another victim and they went with Hostlinger. I can't say which is best but both are well established. 

Please note there are other providers with a similar name. "Be Host" and "Be Hosting" are two of them. They, as far as I know, are not the same company. 

BeHosted,  located at Badenerstrasse 549 Zurich, 8048 Switzerland is the one to avoid.

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