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What are popular Android Apps?

Oct 3

Welcome to the digital era. In today’s world, smartphones have grown to become a mandatory thing each one of us has. Thanks to the global pandemic, even children need a mobile to attend classes. Everything has applications, from chatting, professional development, and official meetings to games and social media.


If you are a dear android user, you would know how this world. Hundreds and thousands of applications are available for your download on the play store. Having said that, you should also remember, not all applications have found their presence.


While they are available, few are downloaded, and fewer are popularly used. This article will help you know more about the popular android apps today.


The Number Game


Before we talk about the popular apps for Android, there are some numbers you should know. In 2022, the expected number of mobile apps downloaded is 255.2 billion. Huge, right? When you talk about apps for Android, there are 33 different classifications on Google Play Store, including games, education, lifestyle, travel, and a lot more. So, several applications are quite the winner in each of the categories. Talking in general, when we look at the downloads across iOS and Android, some famous applications stand out.


TikTok has 94 million downloads in 2021, leading the chart. It is followed by Instagram, Snapchat, and Cash App, with 64, 56, and 56 million downloads, respectively. With virtual meetings the norm now, Zoom was downloaded 52 million times. This chart then sees the likes of Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and HBO Max make it to the top 10.


Popular Android Apps


We will look at android apps that are popular across different categories. There are quite a few famous ones in each classification that help better your android experience. So why wait? Let’s dig in.



Launched in 2009, WhatsApp is quite commonly used across the globe. It is one of the most used modes of communication. It is owned by the American company Meta Platforms. It is a free instant messaging application that allows you to send texts, voice messages, video calls, and others. 78% of American WhatsApp users access the application weekly. While US WhatsApp using audience is not the largest in the world, many of them use the application.



Slack is a professional platform designed for office communication. Launched in 2013, it gained massive momentum in the lockdown as all organizations turned to virtual communication. Several facilities like teams, messaging, huddles (audio conversations), and other facilities customize the user experience. They also redesigned the application in March 2020. As of May 2018, it had over 8 million daily users, and this got bigger now.



In 2020, Zoom had over 300 million daily meeting participants. This video app was one of the many that got a boost during the lockdown. The virtual interactions grew so much during 2020 that the users grew by over 500 million downloads. It was one of the most used applications when the world was restricted to only digital communications. 



Duolingo is a great application that helps in language learning. It has been helping people across the globe learn different languages. The most exciting thing about the application is that it offers the Duolingo English Test certification program. Several universities and colleges widely accept the DET. While it offers a free model with over 500 million users, it also offers a premium service without advertising and several features. As of March 2022, the application had 2.9 million paid subscribers.



Several applications boost people’s lifestyles, from dating and virtual fitting rooms to weight reduction and shopping. Tinder is one of the most used online dating and geosocial networking applications. In 2021, Tinder recorded more than 65 billion matches. There are also paid subscriptions available in the application. In September 2021, 75 million people used the app every month. With several interactive features, Tinder is one of the most popular apps used in the US.



Entertainment apps have significant momentum in the United States. For instance, there are several apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and HBO Now which lead the race.


Netflix has 222 million subscribers across the globe, with 73.3 million in the United States and Canada. With several plans and excellent services, Netflix has grown to become a famous streaming platform.


Wrapping Up

There are several other applications used in the United States popularly. When it comes to books, Yarn and Amazon Kindle are the famous ones. Similarly, there are apps like Google Earth that are pretty famous when it comes to travel. So, download these android applications and discover the digital world.