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Custom USB Thumb Drive Printing

Aug 18

What is it that makes USB Flash Drive a great promotional gift?

You may remember the time when Cds were the preferred media for transferring files. You may even have a memory of the time when famous casettes reigned over the world of music. Today, we have an all-new King of the Jungle. USBs have become a huge hit in the market mostly due to their portability as well as their huge capacity for storage.

USB Flash Drives are available in all shapes and size. They can be carried in our purses, pockets or even put them on keys or hang them inside credit card slots inside our wallets. The day we're searching in vain for the final blank CD, is unlikely ever again happen! You can keep your documents, presentations, photographs as well as other important information in our pockets. We can also add to this collection easily in the event that we need to save notes, graphs, or data from the most recent meeting.

And it's so simple! Every computer has a few USB ports, and the latest models don't have CD units now. There are no batteries, cables or restarts. The data is immediately available.

USB Flash Drive as business present

USB Flash drives are an great promotional tool, since:

  • They can be very beneficial. Your goal is for the user to hold the item in their possession in the maximum amount of time. That means they can use it!
  • Your customers will never have enough flash drivess. Even if they already have a few in their possession They will be delighted to receive a new one from you!
  • They'll keep your logo in your customers ' minds! As we said that flash drives are kept near by and make use of them frequently. This means that each when someone connects the promotional USB flash drive they're looking towards your brand's logo. Every time, they become more and more comfortable with your company's name.
  • They're an excellent device to boost sales and relationships with your customers. PPAI's research showed that 60 percent of the people who received gifts indicated that they would prefer working with a business who gave them with a powerbank or USB flash drive. Offer it to potential customers prior to the sale to give them that final boost or gift it to your customers following the sale to let them know that they appreciate them and to keep customers coming back.
  • They're a must-have for every office! The majority of people own at the very least one advertising item within their workplace. Why isn't you have a USB Flash Drive?

Most importantly, the USB thumb drive, when executed correctly, will increase your brand's visibility to an entirely new level. You can add your promotional and helpful documents, and present your potential customer or client with a valuable gift, and also a hint to sell of a cross-sale, upsale or upsale. Be sure that it's engaging and that the person who is the new owner of your flash drive will be sure to check the contents! It is possible to upload videos Powerpoint presentations, photos and brochures, ebooks, or other files of value. Are you unsure of how to accomplish this? Don't worry, we'll help you!

We provide an large selection of USB flash drives. On our store online, you will find over 40 models.

The most loved models is Techmate the small but extremely useful flash drive. Techmate features a metal cap that twists, providing an excellent area for engraving or printing your personalization. It is a perfect fit for every purse and pocket.

A second option is our wood USB flash drives They are ideal for companies that wish to project the ECO image to the general public. The research of PPAI shows that 40% of consumers have improved their opinions about the company after receiving an eco sustainable gift from that brand.

If you want to make an impression, purchase our unique USB Flash Drives. Here, we create the casing for you. There are no limits to what you can do!

Additional benefits for customers purchasing USB Flash Drives from our store are:

  • Printing is free on USBs Up to 2 colors per place.
  • Silver-plated gift packaging for USB sticks.
  • Free print proofs We never print without your permission and confirmation!
  • Free delivery!

The most important tech present you can get is a powerbank

Smartphones have long become part of our everyday lives. In fact, you're probably using your smartphone to read this article. Are you running low on battery? If so you're in need of a powerbank, it could come in handy. There's nothing more frustrating than being without power in your smartphone while it's waiting in line for an appointment at the plane, or any time far from the power source. Powerbanks are portable batteries that can be used for charging smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Each of your customers or potential clients has at least one smartphone. A majority of them own smart watches or torches, portable speakers , or headphones. Offer a free powerbank to them, and they'll be grateful. This will also help your company's brand!

They are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. If you're looking for smaller ones to put on your keychains, a model equipped with solar power or an 18.000mAh powerbank that lasts for several days without a connection to civilization We have them all. Find them right here.