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Top Cameras For 2022

Jun 22

Here are our top picks for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, and more that are the greatest value for the money.

Our selection of the top cameras contains one for you no matter how you intend to use it or how much money you have to spend.

These days, there are many different form factors, features, and pricing ranges for cameras. Both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras allow you to switch out lenses for certain shooting conditions, although some have full-frame sensors while others have cropped ones, and they may cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000.

In contrast, pocketable compact point-and-shoot cameras are available. Some of these cameras include long zoom lenses for trip photography, while others are tough and waterproof. Additionally, action cameras and all-in-one cameras should be taken into account.

"The best camera" is thus a very subjective expression, although there are models that are unquestionably superior than others within each category of cameras. To determine our recommendations, we personally examined each model on this list and assessed it for image and video quality, handling, features, and value.

Therefore, you'll find a wonderful selection of cameras here, whether you're searching for one of the best action cameras, best DSLRs, best mirrorless cameras, or best cameras for vlogging.

Which cameras are the best?

The Sony Alpha a6100 is the camera we believe is ideal for the majority of individuals. This mirrorless camera is small, takes great pictures and videos, and costs roughly $750 when equipped with a 16-50mm lens. The 24MP Sony a6100 produces clear 4K video and boasts a quick focusing mechanism. Its battery life is a respectable 420 shots, but if you want to use it often, you might consider purchasing an additional battery.

The Canon EOS Rebel T8i, a midrange camera with a 24-megapixel sensor, a broad ISO range (100-25600, extendable to 51,200), and a very strong battery life of up to 1240 photos, is our pick for the best DSLR camera for most people. It can shoot video at 4K/24 fps, which is still unusual for DSLRs in this price range, and it features a lot of built-in instructions to assist beginners. Additionally, the T8i features a microphone connector and the ability to shoot vertical video, allowing for greater audio.

If you like Nikons, we advise the D5600, which boasts a 3.2-inch swiveling touchscreen, good handling, and superb photo-taking capabilities. It's ideal for seasoned photographers seeking fully featured manual controls, but it also has a variety of assisted shooting modes to aid in instructing and educating new photographers. The D5600, on the other hand, is a little bit older and can only record video at a maximum resolution of 1080p/60 frames per second.

For a complete list of our top camera recommendations, continue reading.

The top cameras available today

Sony a6100

Mirrorless type

APS-CM sensor

24.2 megapixels

Maximum frame rate: 11

4K At 30 fps is the maximum video resolution

0.39-inch, 1.44-million-dot OLED viewfinder

LCD touchscreen, 2.95 inches

Dimensions and weight: 4.75" x 2.775" x 2.13"; 1 lb.

Sharp HD and 4K video with an external mic connection Superfast, AI-driven focusing system

The Sony a6100 isn't just the finest mirrorless camera; it's also the best camera overall because to its superb picture quality, outstanding feature set, and affordable pricing.

The a6100 is small, well-made, and has outstanding ergonomics; all of the controls are within easy reach and will fit nicely in your hand. In our tests, we were also delighted by the Sony a6100's ability to capture clean, precise images in every circumstance; its quick, clever focusing and 11 frames per second surely helped. Additionally, you should be able to go a whole day without having to recharge with a battery life of 420 shots.

The a6100 contains a microphone connection for enhanced audio capture and can also record 4K video. If you want in-body image stabilization, you'll have to look at the Sony a6500 or a6600.

Still, at around $750, or $850 with a lens, that's a reasonable compromise; it's a great deal for photographers.


EOS Rebel T8i Canon

Model: DSLR

APS-CM sensor

24.1 megapixels, 7 fps, maximum shooting speed

4K @ 24 fps is the maximum video resolution

Optical viewfinder

Screen: 3.2-inch touchscreen with rotation

5.16 x 4 x 3 inches and 18.2 ounces in size

Captures 4K video
Simple to use
Good resources for beginners

If you're seeking for a DSLR-style system, the Canon EOS Rebel T8i is the ideal camera for you, according to the majority of casual photographers. Like its predecessors, the T8i produces high-quality images and offers a variety of helpful built-in instructions to assist beginners in becoming familiar with the camera's features.

Although the speed is limited to 24 fps and the EOS Rebel T8i can also shoot video at a resolution of 4K, this should be sufficient for anyone looking to record movies of a better caliber. Additionally, it can also capture vertical video, which is perfect for social media, and features a microphone input for enhanced audio.


X-T30 by Fujifilm

Mirrorless type

APS-CM sensor

Megapixels: 26.1 Maximum shooting speed: 7 fps / 30 frames per second (electronic) (mechanical)

4K At 30 fps is the maximum video resolution

0.39 inch, 2.36 million dots

3-inch touchscreen with articulation

4.7 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches and 1.8 pounds 13.5 oz

Good picture quality
Flexible touchscreen
Excellent collection of features

The Fujifilm X-T30, one of the finest mirrorless cameras you can purchase for less than $1,000, has many of the same capabilities as the more costly X-T3 and is thus well-deserving of its spot on our list of the best cameras overall. We like its classic appearance, plethora of dials, and more contemporary articulating touchscreen.

The X-T30 produced excellent images in a broad range of lighting conditions, and there are a ton of options and creative effects to enhance your shots. You can capture DCI 4K footage at 30 frames per second because to its quick CPU. You can only record 10-minute segments, so if video is your primary use, look at the Sony a6600.