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What Are AGREE Chambers?

Jun 15

AGREE Chambers are named for the US military consortium that initially mandated their use. They are capable of rapidly altering both temperature and humidity.

On the other hand, it is the incorporation of vibration testing that actually differentiates these chambers. Using these chambers, it may be determined whether or not a product can withstand the rigors of transportation as it is being transported from one area to another. There are several types of chambers that can accommodate a wide range of environmental testing needs.

Testing is carried out by the Department of Defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronics Equipment (DOD AGREE), which is an abbreviation for the group's name. It was military equipment dependability testing that introduced AGREE chambers, but they've now found a home in a slew of other industries. Most AGREE chambers are compatible with electrodynamic or mechanical vibration devices. Vibration systems can be used to run some AGREE models in both horizontal and vertical modes. Customization is possible for the majority of these types, making them ideal for a wide range of different tasks. For example, the chamber may be customized with two-sided doors, vertical elevators, rear sliding door and a number of other features.

AGREE chambers may help manufacturers in a number of ways. Three separate environments may be tested in these chambers at the same time, reducing testing costs and increasing product quality and dependability for the manufacturer. Design and production processes can also be sped up by using these tools. To accommodate a wide range of applications, the floors of these rooms are often designed to take various shaker heads.