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MCHub and Mantramori show the world

May 23


If you haven't heard about it, MCHUB is a Minecraft server that is 100% free. There are no ads, no premium servers, and no plugins or mods that you have to pay extra for. Just pure Minecraft.

MCHub dates back to at least 2008 so it's player base and site are rich in history hence the large number of players, support and network!




The server is brand new in the making with an interesting back story that I will directly quote the makers to do it justice. If they create blocks as well as they write then this is one Minecraft Serve to watch out for!

 A beautiful community server where the content is unique and storytelling, and the gameplay is forever entertaining

That's our server. Though we are brand new, MantraMori is off to a fantastic and exciting start.

Our primary gamemode is a new concept recently put into place- Gods VS Generals. When you join the server you will be guided through a spawnpoint showcasing both sides of a hectic war between powers. The Gods;

- Using magical (custom) enchantments and armor, some even allowing flight, or vampirism!

And the Generals;

- Using powerful heavy weapons such as RPG's, machine guns, and even laser rifles like something out of Star Wars!

All of this is done using a custom texturepack designed to bring these awesome features to life. You don't have to do anything to install it, just join the server and go!

Right now we feature two awesome PVP arenas to battle in, as well as a 1.18.2 Survival world that you can survive in, and towns! While we are in this early stage, you could even potentially start your own town.

"Survival? That's boring."

Not with us. We have so much special content that changes the shape of our server and makes your experience even cooler. These are just some;

Treefeller! Chop down trees by breaking one block.

HiddenArmor! Hide your armor with a simple command.

GrapplingHook! Swing yourself around with a simple fishing pole. It's almost as fun as flying.

- PoweredDoors! Create giant gates, or a sliding door, or even blinds for your windows! All powered with a simple GUI menu.

Furniture! Furnish your house with tables, chairs, sofas, desks, even campfires!

Seasons! Watch the seasons go by and the trees change color with them. Experience temperature changes, and watch your crops grow twice as fast in the Summer time!

- Make yourself wealthy with Jobs! Everything from Lumberjack to Miner, to Farmer and Hunter.

Make the world your own on MantraMori, we'd love to have you.

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