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Leading Companies Offering SOC As a Service in India

May 6

Leading Companies Offering SOC As a Service in India

Security operations center (SOC) as a service is a crucial component of any digital security program. These services can protect your business against cyber-attacks by monitoring and analyzing your network. The services provided by companies such as ThreatMark are designed to ensure the safety of your company's data and information. They use comprehensive data inputs to validate the identity and intentions of users. By doing this, they protect the most valuable assets of their users.

Digital Edge

The SOC as a service provider can provide a full spectrum of security services, from monitoring and remediation to full IT operations. Its services span the spectrum of security, from enterprise IT and security consulting to private and hybrid cloud solutions. With the capability to integrate with more than 100 technologies, SOCs can be customized to meet individual needs. Besides, they can provide any solution a company needs, from monitoring to security and DR.

Cyberbit's SOC connects to customer technology through APIs and can monitor a customer's environment in a matter of hours. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Virginia. Other services it offers include cybersecurity training, simulation centers, and managed cyber-security services. Vijilan is another company that provides SOC as a service in India. Its cloud-based service offers 24/7 security monitoring.

SOC as a service can help companies reduce their risks by detecting sophisticated attacks on a 24-hour basis. With unified incident engines and automated root cause analysis, companies can reduce alert fatigue and improve the response time of SOC teams. Security analytics also allows IT, administrators, to consolidate their endpoint security policy management in a single console, enhancing efficiency. A digital Edge SOC can help organizations reduce their risk by detecting and mitigating threats across the entire security stack.

SOC as a service provider in India can help companies implement security policies and procedures. By evaluating logs and alerts from security devices connected to SOCs, companies can identify threats and improve their security posture. The team can also investigate incidents and take action on potential threats. There are many types of SOCs available today. So, if you're looking for SOC as a service in India, it's important to consider the benefits of outsourcing security to a third party.

SOC as a service is vital to a company's security. Cybersecurity requires collaboration across different levels of trust. If a security incident occurs, the team can collaborate with the affected party to mitigate the risk. The collaborative incident response platform increases its value as more people use it. It charges on a per-user basis and is interoperable with other vendor products.

Cautela Labs

Security Operation Center (SOC) as a service is a managed service provided by Cautela Labs, a cybersecurity consulting firm, that monitors and analyses security devices and logs. Its experts help businesses assess risk, prioritize threats, and implement policies and rules to protect their information. These services can help businesses reduce costs and improve decision-making while improving overall security.

The company's SOC as a service solution is powered by ThreatMark, a software solution based in California. The software continuously analyzes the environment and makes proactive recommendations. The software analyzes network traffic, active directory information, and log data to create security intelligence. Its technology helps minimize false positives. The company is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. In addition to providing SOC as a service solution, the company also offers cybersecurity training and simulation centers. Another company, DeepWatch, provides cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all sizes.

The benefits of SOC as a service are many. It helps businesses keep track of cybersecurity incidents while cutting down on costs and deploying qualified security professionals. By leveraging Tier III Cloud infrastructure, ESDS reduces the cost of cybersecurity by enabling customers to focus on their products and offload security to trained professionals. ESDS's subscription-based service, Eagle Eye Services, also known as SOC as a service, is a powerful security solution. The subscription-based service also allows organizations to monitor their security posture and report on any security incidents.

SOC as service providers can improve security operations by automating and orchestrating cybersecurity activities. The company's holistic platform provides a centralized workbench to security teams to better analyze threats, measure KPIs, and create an environment of continuous improvement. The platform is scalable and customizable to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. This service is also a good option if budget constraints are a concern.

Inspira Enterprise

Inspira Enterprise is a leader in SOC as a service in India with a global presence. The company has successfully served more than 200 enterprises and financial institutes, including top-tier banks and government institutes. Besides SOC, the company provides security services to enterprises in the enterprise domain and serves companies in industries including financial services, healthcare, defense, and agriculture.

Inspira Enterprise is a Mumbai-based Center of Excellence for unified communications and networking. The company offers solutions for healthcare, government, and education. It is backed by leading international quality standards and adopts a distinctly differentiated quality excellence model across various verticals, including healthcare. The company's services include advanced analytics, cyber-security, and cloud computing.

Inspira is a global leader in digital transformation, acting as a one-stop shop for IT needs. With expertise in networking & data centers, big data analytics, and cloud computing technologies, the company is uniquely positioned to provide security solutions for any enterprise. The company also provides software upgrades and satellite offices across India. And in recent years, it has expanded its business to include other countries like UAE, USA, and Australia.

Inspira has recently acquired SmartCirqls Infotech's Splunk business unit, which specializes in big data analytics and cybersecurity. The acquisition is seen as a positive step for Inspira, which is positioned to broaden its product offerings in AIOps. Additionally, it is expected to grow Inspira's IT infrastructure and networking business.


Security is about addressing risks and preventing threats from affecting your business. Basic security measures such as network and system security are only a part of the overall solution. A comprehensive approach to security requires addressing human, process, and technology risks. This helps you to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your data. Security services also help you meet regulatory requirements.

A SOC as a service can help you identify threats quickly and minimize the impact on your business. Tenzing's team of information security experts performs internal audits to determine if your systems are meeting industry best practices and internal controls. They also perform external audits to measure compliance with these best practices. The result of their efforts is peace of mind for you and your clients.

The main benefit of SOC as a service is that you do not need to hire a team of security analysts. Tenzing's security analysts can begin protecting your network in less than 30 days. The team of analysts is always available to answer your questions and provide recommendations on how to strengthen your security program. They will also communicate with your IT team frequently and provide them with detailed reports about any vulnerabilities or threats that might affect your business.

Another company that provides SOC as a service is Cautela Labs. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of security tools and can help you refine your security policies. They also empower you to build a culture of continuous improvement by reducing the caseload for your analysts. These teams can analyze logs and alerts and take appropriate action. It is not a 'one size fits all solution, but rather a collaborative security approach.

In addition to SOC as a service, Tenzing also offers cloud services. The company recently announced a partnership with OpSource, which specializes in e-commerce and SaaS applications. In addition to working with clients on cloud security, Tenzing also works with integrators, VARs, and other partners. This partnership also helps Tenzing expand its geographical reach.