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Podcasts For Women In Technology

May 5

The finest podcasts about Women In Tech, rated by traffic, social media followers, domain authority, and freshness from hundreds of podcasts on the web.

Espree Devora hosts the Women in Tech Podcast

Espree Devora hosts the Women in Tech Podcast, which highlights amazing women in tech such as engineers, female founders, investors, UX and UI designers, and journalists who share their journey to where they are now.

Women in Technology | getWITit

getWITit is a podcast that looks into the decline of women in the technology industry by interviewing community leaders, community members, and influential individuals and informing the community by promoting awareness, addressing attrition, creating opportunities for transition into tech, and leadership preparation.

Podcast for Women Who Code

Women Who Code's purpose is to encourage women of all backgrounds to pursue professions in technology. In this podcast, we speak with technology experts from across the globe about their careers, their passion for technology, current advancements, the future of work, and methods to increase diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Podcast with Leading Women in Technology

A podcast on how to develop the future generation of female tech leaders, as well as how to thrive on your own terms and become the leader you want to be. This episode delves into the approaches, ideas, and strategies that may help you become a better leader. To allow you the time and credibility to concentrate on what you like rather than explaining yourself at every turn. I'll share with you my finest tips for making success not just easy, but unavoidable.


UnapologeTECH's mission is to establish a platform where women of color and allies in tech can learn, create, and connect. Featured speakers give tips and best practices on how to navigate your way through the business and maintain a successful career and work-life balance on the podcast.

Nancy Novak: Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass is a video podcast series on women in the high-tech business and the difficulties they encounter. Each episode will feature a renowned woman in the IT business describing her personal experiences in the workplace, hosted by Compass Datacenters' Chief Innovation Officer Nancy Novak. Infrastructure Masons is a co-sponsor of the series. Breaking Glass will explore a number of topics in future episodes, including being the "only one in the room" and the future of women in STEM fields.

The Boardroom Unicorn

Andrea Brenholz is changing the way people think about leadership. Her objective as CEO and President of ATR International is to continue her parents' legacy by infusing it with new ideas, compassion, and resilience. She provides motivation for the future generation of women in technology in each episode. She thinks that establishing a life you enjoy is essential to become a good leader.

The Girl Code

Girl Code is a podcast produced by Women in Computing at UCSD that celebrates women and minorities in technology. We'll hear their tales, thoughts, and work on this podcast in order to inspire you and help you develop a successful attitude. That's girl code, after all.

Podcast for Women in Business and Technology

The Women in Business and Technology Podcast was developed to include conversations with powerful women in business and technology, as well as coverage of initiatives that are changing workplace inclusion. We'll share some wonderful insights to promote a strong career and greater inclusiveness, whether you're just starting out in the IT field, strategizing on how to acquire your next business post, or managing a woman for the first time.