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Best ways to get noticed on a Minecraft Server List | The Crafty Miners

May 4

A Minecraft Server List can bring you new players, help you build a community and increase the activity on your server. But what will it take to being able to appear on the top lists?


05/04/2022 Sponsored Servers -: Bosscraft, Illusive MC

New players always want to find new servers to play on. You can check out a Minecraft server list to get Btt, Tekkit, Creative, Survival, PVP, etc servers. The best Minecraft servers list can be found online. 

Getting your Minecraft server on the list is easy. Just add the name of your server, select the server type and fill in a few details about your server. It only takes a couple of minutes and you're done! Once your server is added to the list you can setup a vote link in your Minecraft Server, Discord channels or web sites to promote your server.

However getting noticed can be dificult so how do the big boys like MCHUB, Complex Gaming or Purple Prision get to the top?


Most of the major Minecraft Servers have been around for years. It has taken the server owners large amounts of time and effort to have gathered a player following. One of the ways they reward their players is through Voting. It gives the player an in game kick-back they can use. So usually the more players, the more votes and the higher in the online lists you can get. 

Some server owners use black hat methods to manipulate votes. Using what they call a bots to simulate a player vote, with elaborate lists of player names, recapture solvers and maybe even proxy servers to simulate various locations.


Getting a sponsored list is another way to get a paid top position on virtually every server list. Just like page one on google, if players are looking for a server to play and the first page results show your server, the chances are high you will get a hit.

As an example of a two new sponsored slots on our server list you can have a look on our blog here


As a new server owner it's had to get noticed with either a vote or paying for a sponsored spot. So having a friendly player base with a server owner that is willing to help and be online can increase you player count over time.


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