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Qualified GM Detectors (QPL)

Mar 28

These detectors are designed for maximum performance, dependability, and long-term stability. Our wide product line includes all kinds of pancake detectors and frisker probes, as well as direct (or close equivalents) for industry-standard detectors.

Product Continuity

The Mirion Geiger Mueller detector was meticulously researched and built to give a durable, dependable, and long-lasting method of monitoring nuclear radiation levels. Manufacturing consistency, product dependability, and affordable price are all ensured with these detectors. Many of our detectors are built and tested to meet military requirements for shock and vibration resistance.

All Mirion GM detectors adhere to our strict quality control rules, which are compliant with ISO 9001.

We have successfully bridged the gap between technical idea, detector design, and field application to provide the excellent performance you require as a Geiger Mueller detector end user for over 60 years.

Quality and dependability are built into an amazing line of Geiger Mueller detectors, including the 2000 Series pancake detectors, thanks to more than six decades of nuclear instrumentation design. We have considerable expertise with various sorts of radiation detectors as both a producer and a user. Our detectors have met and surpassed client expectations in laboratory, military, and demanding industrial situations throughout the years.