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Choosing The Right Docket Station

Mar 3

Choosing the Right Docking Station For Your Needs

When choosing the ideal docking station, you should find something that makes your work life easier and more convenient. Here are some important points to look for when choosing a docking station:



A good docking station is one that allows you to work from anywhere and set everything up easily. It is also essential for your docking station to have enough USB ports to accommodate the devices you need. The best docking stations can be used both portably and when staying in one place.



An ideal docking station will be able to charge your laptop and display monitors at the same time. They should allow you to perform multiple tasks at once, saving time and increasing productivity. When looking for a docking station, make sure it is versatile enough for what you need. 



A docking station is only useful if it’s compatible with the devices and cords that you own. You need a docking station that has ports of the most common and popular connectors (HDMI, USB, etc.) for it to give you the convenience you need.


Having trouble finding a docking station that fulfills these requirements? Here are 3 excellent docking stations that we highly recommend:


4XEM’s Slim USB-C

The 4XEM Slim is a dual use docking station that supports USB Power Delivery for laptop charging. This means you can keep your laptop charged while using it, and all ports are connected to the same device. Ideal for traveling, you get the convenience of having all your devices plugged into one compact, portable device.


4XEM’s USB-C Dual 4K

The USB-C Dual 4K supports USB-C Power Delivery of up to 100 Watts at maximum. Its portability gives you a cleaner and more organized work space, because all your devices can connect to this single docking station. Any DisplayPort and HDMI monitors can easily be connected to this docking station, due to its compatibility with the USB Type-C connector. 


4XEM’s USB-C Triple Display

The USB-C Triple Display is built for portability. The device is slim and compact but contains multiple ports that offer USB-C Video Alternate Mode (up to 1080p), Gigabit Ethernet port and many other USB devices. Despite its small size, the Triple Display has sturdy, high strength cables. It can safely be carried around while travelling or moving from work to your home office.