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Dark Web vs Deep Web - What's the difference?

Feb 23

The dark web and the deep web are often confused with one another. Despite the fact that they are unique to each other, they both have a dark reputation due to how mysterious they can be. Their names also reflect on their dark natures as well.

- dark web -

The dark web is a part of the deep web which contains darknet markets, cyberlockers, discussion forums, marketplaces for buying drugs, weapons and poisons as well as social networking sites for criminals too. In short, anything you would expect from the dark side of the internet lives here -- it operates similarly to the regular internet but users must use specialized software in order to access this hidden portion of cyberspace.  It is not indexed by search engines so to find dark web content users must be able to access it directly or have the darknet address. According to, it is very popular with cyber criminals, drug dealers and pedophiles because they can sell illicit items safely without being traced by law enforcement agencies. Or so they think. In reality, if a three letter agency wants to know what you're up to, they will find out.

- dark web vs deep web -

The dark web is a part of the deep web but while both are used for criminal purposes, the dark web has far fewer sites than the deep web does. The dark web is only about 1% of all websites on the internet whereas around 50% of all sites on the internet make up the deep web.  Users gain access to these darknet markets through Tor, which is software that anonymizes your IP address so you can browse them safely.