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Non-techie Tips to Keep Your iPhone Happy

Jan 28

Instead of making your phone indestructible, appropriate maintenance is more about not hating your phone during your two-year contract. You'll still want to upgrade at some point, but the question is whether you'll do it on your own time or when your battery dies. Because your phone is broken and you don't want to pay to fix it, you may be compelled to sign another contract. When it's time to upgrade, keeping your iPhone (or any other technology) in good repair will ensure that you obtain the best resale value. It will also help to extend the life and improve the performance of your gadget. Follow these simple and no-brainer tips to ensure that your iPhone lasts long! 

Simple Tips To Prolong the Life Of Your iPhone

Grab a Protective Casing and Keep it Clean

Getting a protective case and a screen protector for your iPhone is one of the first things you should do to keep your gadget in good condition. Whether your iPhone is brand new or not, this should be at the top of your must-buy list. A sturdy case will go a long way toward protecting your device, while a screen protector will keep your screen scratch-free. Even if you use a case, dirt can slip in between the case and your iPhone, causing harm to the exterior. A small amount of dirt will actually wear away portions of the outer surface over time, causing your phone to be damaged from within the protective case.

Clean the Speaker, Microphone, and Charging Port

It is critical to clean the iPhone's speaker and microphone. Failure to do so may have an impact on the quality of your calls, music playback, and your ability to manage Siri. To start, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and (very) gently wipe it over the two apertures to dislodge the debris. Next, take a piece of tape and gently push it over the area to catch and lift the dust. Use of pressurized air is not permitted. The strong impact can harm the membranes of the speaker and microphone. Taking the time to clean them on a regular basis will save you time and money in the long run. Simply avoid using any metal tools since they may cause damage to the port connections.

Give your iPhone a Regular Wipe Down

During the pandemic, we have to be extra cautious about safety and hygiene. This is why our mobiles need regular cleaning, the right way. Apple suggests using a soft, moist, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting water into any of the ports, buttons, or other holes. And, because iPhones are covered in a fingerprint-resistant oil repellant, never use anything abrasive. It is natural for it to deteriorate with time, but over cleaning may prematurely remove this. 

Delete Unused Apps

You most likely have a number of apps on your phone that you downloaded a while ago but haven't accessed since. You never check social media, whether it's a mindless game or a mindless game. When it comes to iPhone maintenance, you should check to see which applications you aren't using and uninstall them on a regular basis. When your iPhone's storage is running low, the 'Offload Unused Apps' function in your iPhone Storage settings will automatically uninstall apps you don't use while retaining your documents and data. If you need that app again in the future, you can always download it from the app store.

Update the OS and Apps

The best approach to keep up with your iPhone is to install the most recent iOS version. When you upgrade to the latest iOS, you'll also get Apple's most recent bug fixes and battery life enhancements. It's really simple to update your phones, and it should just take a few minutes. If you don't upgrade your iPhone, you risk having more significant issues with it. New features, improved security, and a more consistent user experience are all advantages of updated programs. If you open the App Store and select the Updates tab, you may see if any app updates are pending. It's a good idea to enable automatic updates. To turn on automatic updates on iOS, go to Settings > [Name] > iTunes and App Store, then turn on the toggle next to Updates.

Regularly Clear Storage

Cleaning out Safari's cookies and data is an excellent technique to improve your iPhone's performance. A full storage can prevent  you from taking photos or downloading new apps at times when you need it the most.  As a result, it's a good idea to spend some time cleaning your phone's data every now and then. You can clear browser data, delete programs, and delete offline files in addition to media files. To do so, go to your settings, select Safari, then delete history and website data. Your browser will no longer propose websites that have not been bookmarked as a result of this action.

Charge Wisely

The battery life is often people's main complaint about their smartphone. It's difficult to make your battery last all day if you're a heavy user. As your battery ages, the scenario simply becomes worse. It's a good idea to maintain your battery charged between 50% and 80% of the time. If you set it too low or too high, your battery will deteriorate over time. Recalibrating your iPhone battery on a regular basis is one technique to help alleviate the problem slightly. The procedure can let the battery last longer by allowing it to drain more slowly. This will prevent you from having to bring your iPhone for a phone repair and will save you lots of dollars! 

Prevention is Key

The final advice for keeping your iPhone so that it lasts longer and performs better is to keep it safe, especially when not in use. Make sure it's not in a place where it could be knocked off or ruined by a spilled drink, otherwise you would have to deal with costly screen replacement! The best method to keep your phone in good operating order is to keep it safe and secure at all times. 

iPhone Maintenance is Cost-effective

Let's face it. The iPhones are one of the most sough-after and expensive phones in the market. Because of this, we want to make maximise the iPhone's value by keeping it healthy and running for years to come. Learning to take care of your iPhone may be time consuming and at times, comes at a price, but it will be cost-effective in the long run and save you many trips to the phone repair shop in Melbourne. Fix My Phone Now Australia is a Melbourne-based mobile phone repair company that specialises in repairing and restoring dysfunctional iPhones and Samsung Mobiles. Contact them for all your iPhone repair and Samsung repair needs! They offer speaker replacement, screen replacement, battery, and camera replacement among others.