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10 Useful Tricks that Apple Watch Owners Need to Know

Jan 20

The Apple Watch is a complicated device, but it has a lot to offer Apple iPhone owners who are eager to learn about all of its functions. You should be able to figure out the basics of your new Apple Watch, but Apple has hidden jewels that will allow you to get much more out of it than you thought possible. Aside from checking the time and sending messages, the Apple Watch has a lot of useful features: Here are 10 fantastic hints and tips for your new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, or other models! 

10 Tips Apple Watch Owners Should Be Aware Of

Using Your Palm to Mute Your Watch

If your Watch has the sounds on, you can use notification sounds to keep it from bothering the rest of the world: If it goes off somewhere you don't want it to, cover the display with your hand for three seconds or longer to silence any new sounds.

Find Your iPhone Using Your Watch

Are you looking for your iPhone but can't seem to find it? Don't worry; the Apple Watch can assist you in locating it. Swipe up from your Watch face to access Control Center. To produce a noise, tap the Ping iPhone button in blue from here.

Make Portrait Watch Faces

One of the most intriguing elements of watchOS 8 is the "Portraits" watch face. It gives you a whole new way to look at and interact with photos on your Apple Watch. The watch face recognizes faces in photos and crops in on them to highlight the topic. Viewing photographs on the Apple Watch becomes a pleasurable experience thanks to the ability to animate a portrait image with multi-layered effects.

Take Care of Your Mental Health with Reflect and Breathe

Apple has placed a greater emphasis on mental health with watchOS 8 and iOS 15. Reflect and Breathe are now available in the updated and renamed Mindfulness app. While Reflect allows you to think about decisions and other things, Breathe allows you to do breathing exercises at your own leisure.

Unlock Your Car with the Apple Watch

Not only can you unlock and start your car using your smartwatch, but you can also share your car key with relatives and friends. To take advantage of this valuable function, make sure your paired iPhone and Apple Watch are compatible. The functionality is available on iPhone XS and later, as well as Apple Watch Series 5 and later. You'll be able to unlock your automobile in the future by holding your Apple Watch/iPhone near the door handle. Hold your Apple Watch near the car's key reader (or insert your iPhone in the car's key reader) to start the car. Then, push the start button on the car.

Even with a Mask on, Unlocking Your Watch is Possible

When you're wearing a mask, the Apple Watch can now unlock your iPhone in watchOS 7.4. As long as your Apple Watch is unlocked on your wrist, you can circumvent Face ID and the passcode on your iPhone (but only when wearing a face mask).

Keep Your Watch by Your Bed with Bedside Mode

Your Apple Watch can be used as a nightstand clock while you're not wearing it, making it useful even when you're not wearing it. Of course, the Apple Watch can now track sleep, but if you want to charge it at night rather than wear it on your wrist, you can use Bedside Mode by turning it on its side. If you're a big fan of Bedside Mode, you can even get an Apple Watch charging stand to make things even easier and more organized.

The Taptic Engine Will Help You with Directions

Apple Watch uses a variety of sounds, buzzes, and movements to draw your attention, but it doesn't stop there. The Taptic Engine can also be used to help you navigate across a city. When using the Watch to get directions, you'll get a sequence of taps when you need to make a turn. A series of two taps will be performed three times for a left turn. A steady beat of 12 taps will accompany a right turn. When you're on your final part of the voyage and arrive at your destination, you'll feel a long vibration.

Force Touch Can Clear All Notifications

Though you may dismiss a single notification from the Notifications screen by swiping left, you can also delete all of your notification alerts with a single tap. To access Notifications, slide down from the display, then Force Touch the display to bring up the Clear All option.

Check Your Blood Oxygen Levels

The Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch Series 7 can measure blood oxygen levels (SpO2), which is quite useful in the current pandemic. Simply open the Blood Oxygen app on an Apple Watch that is compatible with it, follow the instructions, and the blood oxygen measurements will be collected and presented.

Enjoy Your Apple Watch to the Fullest

This list of tips and tricks for your Apple Watch is not even half of the amazing things you can do with it. It's the greatest tool for living a healthy life. Because it is worn on your wrist, the Apple Watch can perform functions that other gadgets cannot. When you wear it, you receive a fitness partner who tracks all of your movements, valuable health insights, and a connection to the people and things that are important to you. Apple Watches don't come cheap especially if you buy brand new models. You are in luck! The Phone Guy Melbourne offers almost-new, refurbished Apple Watches and iPhones to fit your budget and style.