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Top 5 Refurbished iPhones to Buy in 2022

Dec 27

The pace of technological advancement and development is hard to keep up with. It seems like there are new models of phones released every month! Buying a brand new and latest iPhone comes at a huge price. Sometimes it is satisfying to have the latest model and show it off on social media but sometimes we also lack the budget to purchase one. There are so many iPhone models to choose from but only a few can fit what you really need, within your budget. 

The Best Used iPhone Models to Buy

So, ask yourself, "For what purpose do I really need this iPhone for? How much am I willing to spend?". 

iPhone for Gamers

Gamers need a phone that has a large screen, excellent screen resolution, and a system that is powerful enough to handle mobile games. We have the right iPhone recommendation for you! The iPhone XS Max is an iPhone model made for people who love playing games on their phones. It has a very fast processor and a huge screen with OLED screen technology. It has top-of-the-line front and back cameras that you can use during FaceTime calls. Apple phones have the best cameras in the industry for photography enthusiasts so you don't have to worry even if the iPhone model is a few years old already. Sharp photos and crisp quality videos are Apple's standards when it comes to their camera line. Probably the only negative thing we can think about this model is that it comes at a pricier tag compared to other used iPhones. 

iPhone for the Music Enthusiast

Some music lovers became disappointed when Apple discontinued manufacturing iPhone models that include a headphone jack. If you don't want to buy an iPhone with no headphone jack, you can always choose the iPhone 6s. Although the iPhone 6s was released many years ago, it still remains a good choice for people who want to have the feature qualities of an iPhone without exceeding their budget. The iPhone 6s runs on iOS14, has a headphone jack, is sturdy, and is very affordable. The only con we can think about is that this phone was released in 2015. 

iPhone for the Social Media Addict

If you are the type who starts and ends their day uploading and browsing through different social media accounts, we have got the right iPhone model for you! The iPhone XR is perfect for people who love social interaction, networking with people, and riding on the latest trends and happenings. It has a big screen to view all blogs, Twitter space, Facebook feeds, and TikTok videos. Because you are on your phone most of the day, the iPhone XR's amazing battery life will not disappoint you. Compared to other iPhones, the iPhone XR uses the Face ID instead of the Touch ID technology. It can be an advantage for some and an inconvenience for others. The iPhone XR's big size makes it difficult to use with one hand and is on the thicker side. 

iPhone for the Hip Professionals

The next refurbished iPhone model that we will recommend is fit for young professionals who are always on the go. The iPhone X has a sleek and sharp appearance, has a speedy processor, and really is on top of its game. It has a full OLED screen display that makes your presentations pop out and really come alive. No matter how busy you are, the iPhone X can be your reliable work companion wherever you go. Make sure that you use this with a mobile case because its body is somewhat fragile.

iPhone for the Moderate User

There are those people who only use their phones when highly necessary. These people just need an iPhone that is durable, not too flashy, functional, and very much dependable. The best-refurbished models for this are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Both include the popular retina display on previous models, which makes browsing on your phone comfortable for the eyes as no pixels are visible. Plus, because they are older models, you can get these at a very cheap price! 

Buy Refurbished iPhones from The Phone Guy Melbourne

Once you have selected the iPhone model that suits you, the next step is to find a reputable, reliable, and credible refurbished phone seller near you. Although purchasing used mobiles have a lot of advantages, these may become useless if you end up buying from the black market. Buying from certified sellers assures you that your phone is of top quality (almost like brand new) and includes a warranty in case of defects.