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The product testing procedure

Dec 18

After extensive planning, employees draw up a test program and anonymously purchase the test samples from retailers. An external independent laboratory tests the goods on behalf of Produkte News, and services are used undercover. Finally, Produkte News publishes its test results.

Every year, Produkte News tests thousands of products in more than 100 product tests. In addition, there are service investigations, quick tests, market overviews and investigation-based reports.

Test new products and services even before they are launched: that's what you can do as a product tester if you like trying out new things. Here we show you the best opportunities to start immediately as a product tester and game tester.

If you are interested in taking part in product tests, please register as a product tester or apply directly. In our commented list with product tests we present selected current offers together with our evaluation. The top 10 product tests are specially marked.

What are product tests?

Product testing is a research method that examines potential customers' reactions to a product or service being developed before it is released to the market. Typically, a sample of your target audience uses, tries, or consumes the product and tells you what they think of it. You use both quantitative and qualitative data to collect and analyze their feedback.

The concept must be right - right from the start
Concept testing, done before you start designing and developing your product, helps you find out how viable your initial product idea is. You can take the "temperature" of different concepts by trying them out on test panels with several potential customers before you invest a lot of money in their development.

You can use surveys to gather feedback from your target audience on one or more rough concepts of your product. The concepts that are particularly well received by your test audience can then be refined into something closer to the finished product. The refined product can then be released for retesting.

Product test community

There are numerous marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness and at the same time improving the findability of one's own products in search engines. However, one decisive factor is often forgotten: regular exchange with one's own target group.

Time-limited product tests are not only a quick and effective way to capture customer opinions, they also create a corporate community that generates additional website traffic, increases reach on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., and boosts sales thanks to the credible reinforcement of product benefits.

Product test procedure

Once you have decided to conduct a product test, it is important to define the size of the tester group and the products to be tested. Depending on the product range, it is also possible to combine several products in a test set. A catalog of questions and tasks should be developed for each test product in order to provide the participants with a guide during the test phase. What advantages does the product offer and how can the tester prove them? How versatile is the product and what makes it particularly recommendable?
In a short application phase, interested parties can apply for the test via a question form. The selected (approx. 50-100) testers are notified via e-mail, activated for the product test portal and receive their test product in the following days, including brief instructions on how the next test weeks will be structured.
During the test phase, participants should regularly receive new tasks via e-mail and thus be encouraged to make further contributions to the product test platform as well as to their own social media channels and blogs. The goal here is to get as much feedback and reach as possible. Depending on the complexity of the products, the test phase should be scheduled for no longer than 4 weeks.
At the end of the active test phase, participants are asked to provide final feedback in order to record the basic mood regarding the test products and their own company. From this final collection and evaluation, the optimization potentials emerge that are decisive for product development, quality management and the external image of your company.

In die end Produkte News publishes the Erfahrungsberichte and Testberichte to their website