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What Are Cell Phone Stun Guns?

Dec 14

This one will be a hit with you! The revolutionary Cell Phone Stun Gun has the most powerful takedown power of any smart phone currently available. Nothing else even comes close to producing 14 million volts at 4.9 milliamps.

Nobody will notice this stun gun coming! 14 million volts of stopping power may be easily concealed within a phone that looks precisely like the top brands!

The most advanced mobile phone stun gun can deter an assault while subtly imitating the style of today's most popular mode of communication. Knowing you can defend yourself will give you more confidence.

The cell phone has 4.9 milliamps of electrifying protection in the palm of your hand, which is realistic enough to trick anyone at first look. This is the smartphone stun gun that consumers have been requesting for! It's simple to use and hard to detect. With self-assurance, reach for your safety!

In A Cell Phone, A Stun Gun

When you grab this gadget out of your handbag or pocket to have in hand during potentially violent interactions, no one will be surprised. It also comes with a 50 Lumen LED flashlight for when you need a little more illumination.

Only a careful examination will disclose the astonishing nature of this smart phone, which measures 5 1/2" x 2 5/8" and has a thickness of half an inch.

Is it possible to use it to make phone calls?

No. It's strictly for self-defense and doesn't make phone calls.

Will I be surprised if someone tries to grab me?

No, even if they touch you or if you are standing in water, the electrical shock does not travel from one person to the next.

Do you have to touch the individual or does this shoot out?

To administer the 14 million volt shock of their lives, you must make contact with the individual using the smartphone stun gun.

The use of stun guns is illegal in several states. Here's where you can see whether your state has any limitations: Restricted Shipments

The Cell Phone Stun Gun looks like a camera phone, but it isn't one. It's a stun pistol with a voltage of 14,000,000 volts. Because an assailant will assume you're only holding a cellphone, this infant will give you the upper hand. A 50-lumen flashlight is included as well.

Discrete Protection Mobile Phone Stun Gun: This is one of the most realistic appearing cellphone stun guns available today. If you need to defend yourself, it will give you the advantage of surprise.

This is one of the most powerful stun guns on the market, with 14 million volts. It's typically enough to halt an enemy by just shooting this unit into the air. The brilliant electric current pulsates across the top of the machine, producing an ominous electrical sound. Any assailant with even a smidgeon of common sense will be stopped dead in his tracks. If the look and sound of the stun gun aren't enough to deter him, a shock from this weapon will.

Two degrees of safety have been built in to avoid unintentional discharge. Before the unit will work, it must have the safety switch turned on and the trigger button pressed.

The charging cord is included.

How Does The Cellphone Stungun Work So Well?

Electroshock weapons are different from other weapons in that they do not function in the same manner. Weapons were designed to kill the person on whom they were used in the past. That old textbook definition, on the other hand, has been cast aside. Self-defense weapons like these may now be used for a wide range of purposes. They're designed to put you out of your mind. This manner, the individual who is stunned is injured rather than murdered, giving you time to flee.

What Is The Process?

Electric impulses from the brain control the body's functioning. These electrical impulses are converted into movement by the muscles of the human body. These devices function by shocking their target with high-voltage low-current electricity, which is based on understanding of the human body.

Anyone who has been shocked can relate to a tingling feeling that is uncontrolled. This feeling is what makes these gadgets such a good self-defense option. Even a mature man will wriggle on the floor if exposed to a high-voltage low-frequency electric current. It's a fantastic way to take out a target.

Features: 14,000,000 Stun Master Cell Stun Gun

Only a Stun Gun, 14,000,000 volts Bright 50 Lumen Flashlight Rechargeable Model